Lab4 Probiotics

Lab4 Probiotics project with Want SEO

Lab4 probiotics is a group of four human strains of friendly bacteria (probiotics), that have been researched, tested and cultured to enable large-scale product development.

Lab4 is one of the most studied probiotic cultures in the world. Lab4 probiotics have been the subject of more than 12 major human clinical trials as well as over 100 basic and mechanistic scientific investigations.

Brand Awareness Case Study

Campaign Challenges:

  • Convey complex scientific information to a diverse audience.
  • Carry out necessary SEO optimisation to ensure the content ranks.
  • Continued content creation to develop and expand reader engagement.

Campaign Results:


Organic Traffic


Ineffective Keywords

A Closer Look At The Case Study Site

Period undertaken: June 2019 to Sept 2023

  • Research and Strategy Planning
  • Website development
  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Content Development

The Biggest Challenges We Had to Overcome

To successfully create and enhance Lab4 Probiotics’ website presence, we faced several key challenges:

  1. Effective Communication of Complex Scientific Information: One of the main challenges was presenting Lab4 Probiotics’ scientific research and product information in a way that was both accurate and easily understandable to a lay audience. The probiotics market is filled with complex scientific concepts and terminology. Our goal was to distill this information into engaging, comprehensible content that highlighted the benefits of Lab4’s products without oversimplifying or compromising the scientific integrity of the information.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a Competitive Market: The health and wellness industry, particularly the niche of probiotics, is highly competitive. Standing out in search engine results was a significant challenge. We needed to carefully research and implement targeted keywords, optimize website content, and continuously update our strategies to keep up with changing algorithms and market trends. Balancing the need for SEO-friendly content while maintaining the natural flow and appeal of the website content was crucial.

  3. Building and Maintaining Customer Engagement and Trust: Establishing a strong brand presence for Lab4 Probiotics involved not only attracting customers to the website but also engaging and retaining them. This meant creating compelling, valuable content that resonated with the target audience, and leveraging social media platforms to build a community around the brand. Additionally, it was important to establish trust through transparency, customer testimonials, and evidence-based information, which is particularly critical in the health supplement sector where consumers are often skeptical and seek assurance about product efficacy and safety.

Our Plan of Attack

Creating a website presence for Lab4 Probiotics was a pivotal step in establishing their brand in the competitive health supplement market. The initial focus was on designing a user-friendly website that effectively communicated the unique benefits of Lab4’s probiotic products. We prioritized clarity in messaging, ensuring that the scientific research underpinning their products was accessible to a lay audience. The website also featured a clean, modern design that reflected the cutting-edge nature of their probiotics.

To enhance Lab4 Probiotics’ online visibility, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. This included optimizing website content with relevant keywords that potential customers were likely to use when searching for probiotics. We also created informative blog posts and articles that addressed common health concerns and how probiotics could help, which not only improved search rankings but also established Lab4 as a thought leader in the probiotics space.

Building a brand presence extended beyond the website. We leveraged social media platforms to connect with a broader audience. Regular posts, interactive content, and engaging with followers helped in creating a community around the brand. This approach not only increased brand awareness but also drove traffic to the website, resulting in higher engagement and sales. Social media campaigns were tailored to highlight customer testimonials and the tangible benefits of using Lab4’s products, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted health supplement provider.

Lastly, we focused on link-building strategies to improve Lab4 Probiotics’ domain authority. Collaborations with health and wellness influencers and reputable health blogs helped in gaining high-quality backlinks. This not only improved their search engine rankings but also brought in referral traffic, contributing to a stronger online presence. The comprehensive approach to building a website presence and brand for Lab4 Probiotics was a testament to the power of integrated digital marketing strategies in the health supplement industry.

Analysing the Results

The implementation of the digital marketing strategy for Lab4 Probiotics yielded promising results, which can be analyzed through two key metrics: the increase in initial traffic and the refinement of keyword strategy.

Increase in Initial Traffic by 14.63%:

  • This significant rise in website traffic within the first three months can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the improved clarity and accessibility of the website’s content made it more appealing to visitors, effectively communicating the benefits of Lab4’s probiotics.
  • The implementation of a targeted SEO strategy played a crucial role. By optimizing the website with relevant keywords and creating valuable content, such as informative blog posts, we were able to improve Lab4’s visibility on search engines. This not only attracted more visitors but also increased the likelihood of attracting the right audience, interested in health supplements and probiotics.
  • The engagement on social media platforms also contributed to this increase. By actively posting and interacting with the audience, Lab4 Probiotics was able to drive traffic from these platforms to their website.

Pruning Non-Essential Keywords by 23.47%:

  • The decision to prune non-essential keywords from strategic landing pages proved to be a highly effective tactic. This process involved identifying and removing keywords that were not driving the desired traffic or were competing with more relevant keywords (keyword cannibalization).
  • Reducing keyword cannibalization meant that each page on the website was more focused and targeted, enhancing the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. This likely led to better rankings for the chosen keywords as each page was more specifically tailored to certain search queries.
  • The reduction in non-essential keywords also improved user experience. By ensuring that content on each page was more relevant and focused, visitors were likely to find the information they were looking for more quickly and easily, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

In Conclusion

Increase in original trffic to the Lab4 Probiotics website by Want SEO

In conclusion, the combination of an enhanced website experience, a refined SEO strategy, and effective use of social media led to a significant increase in initial traffic.

Additionally, the strategic decision to prune non-essential keywords not only further increased traffic but also improved the quality of traffic, aligning more closely with Lab4 Probiotics’ target audience and business objectives. This holistic approach demonstrates the importance of not just driving traffic, but driving the right kind of traffic for successful digital marketing.