Knotweed Removal

Knotweed Removal project with Want SEO

Knotweed Removal provides knowledge, help and advice to those wishing to eradicate or remove weeds from their property.

Anything from Japanese Knotweed to Ivy, Russian Vine to Stinging Nettles, Broadleaf Dock to Bracken, we aim to provide a safe and practical solution to identifying and removing each of these plants.

Our website aims to inform and educate so that you purchase the right product to do the job efficiently.

Open Website

  • $1000s Earned in Affiliate Commission
  • 100% Organic Traffic
  • UK Coverage Achieved

Affiliate Lead Generation Case Study

Campaign Challenges:

  • Build out the content and structure of teh whole site to talk to the multiple audiences
  • Acquire warm leads which could be sold onto professional contractors in order to serve the needs of the audience
  • Create an ongoing conversation across social media to increase engagement and conversions

Campaign Results:


Organic Traffic


Affiliate Commission


A Closer Look At The Case Study Site

Period undertaken: July 2020 to Present

  • Research and Strategy Planning
  • Website Development and Planning
  • Content Development
  • Lead Acquisition

The Biggest Challenges We Had to Overcome

Tackling invasive weeds is big business within the UK, with over £3 billion spent annually. Developing a website to tap into this highly-competitive market was always going to be tough primarily when the site is not owned by a company providing the work and, therefore, the necessary EEAT proof that search engines look for to rank favourably.

Therefore, the most significant challenges to undertake for this client were:

  • Build out a site with a structure that informs and educates the audiences whilst providing an easy-to-follow user journey.
  • Acquire leads easily to fuel a sales funnel for the many contractors wishing to acquire additional warm leads at favourable costs.
  • Find and develop relationships with contractors, partners and suppliers to ensure the website delivers viable solutions.
  • Create multiple social profiles to extend the informational intent and feed into the sales pipeline.

Tasked with delivering a website that would become a passive income stream for the client which needed to grow year-on-year from a seasonal site against full-time dedicated contractors who already own the market.

Our Plan of Attack

Step One – Planning and Strategy

Meeting with the client and discusses their goals, it became obvious that an in-depth analysis of the market was required in order to not just compete against companies providing real solutions but to go beyond what they do and provide real insight into the industry.

From an initial audit of the site we were able to ascertain the groups of audiences requiring content in order to develop content silos to grow topical authority.

From the initial keyword research and competitor analysis we were able to derive a plan of action based on the type of content needed and the landing pages with their layout required to deliver results.

This was all itemised, discussed and agreed to with the client alongside access to Google Sheets with this ongoing dynamic approach being recorded, updated and managed from.

Step Two – Technical Fixes

Performing the necessary technical fixes to the site was a pivotal step in our SEO strategy for our client. These fixes enabled us to seamlessly integrate a lighter WordPress theme, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of code required to deliver the content. This not only enhanced the site’s overall performance but also contributed to a vastly improved user experience (UX).

In addition to these optimizations, we implemented a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and employed lazy loading techniques to efficiently manage the heavy image-driven elements of the site. These measures were crucial, considering the importance of images in engaging the audience and conveying the client’s message effectively.

One advantage we had was that the website was relatively young, which allowed us the flexibility to reshape its foundation, making it lighter and more agile for accommodating advertisements and ensuring rapid loading times. This approach laid a solid foundation for our ongoing SEO efforts, contributing to improved visibility and user satisfaction.

Site speed for Knotweed removal improved by Want SEO

Step Three – Website Development

Tasked with turning the website into a lead generation affiliate site required us to analyse what was working and what needed improvement. Looking at it from a user point of view it became obvious through the ranking keywords that readers of the site wanted to undertake the work for themselves or have a professional do the work for them instead.

From this insight we were able to reconstruct the website to cater to both audiences and provide the necessary user journey to fulfil their wants and needs.

For the user wishing to do it themselves there was an extensive library of blogs covering every aspect of Japanese Knotweed and several other invasive species, as well as how-to guides and buyer guides on the best products to buy. Here we linked back to Amazon as they provided the best commission and ease of convenience for the end-user.

For the user wishing to contract the services of a professional we built out several landing pages to cover the main locations within the UK as well as a suite of Google Business Profiles to ensure local SEO requirements were met.

Step Four – Content Development

The client entrusted us with the task of developing a comprehensive content strategy, including a well-structured content calendar and implementation process across their landing pages and online blog. To enhance engagement and encourage action, we extended our efforts to encompass their social media profiles and even introduced captivating video content with carefully crafted scripts.

As time progressed, the client began to witness a significant surge in website visitors, particularly at the onset of the season. Capitalizing on this success, and considering the relatively new nature of the site, they chose to reinvest their earnings into expanding their content portfolio. This strategic move eliminated the need for external content writers, as we were able to produce valuable articles in-house, saving time and resources.

Additionally, we enlisted the services of a skilled graphic designer to create visually appealing how-to guides and enhance the overall aesthetics of the site, thereby establishing a memorable and visually distinct brand presence.

This holistic approach not only contributed to the client’s continued growth but also solidified their position as a trusted source of information in their industry, effectively fueling their sales pipeline.

Step Five – Ad Placement

In our ongoing effort to diversify our client’s revenue streams beyond Amazon and contractor partnerships, we strategically incorporated Ads from an Ad network into the mix. The initial implementation of this revenue channel was facilitated through Ezoic, and it yielded positive results within the first few months. However, it’s important to note that the nature of the site’s revenue from ads fluctuates in tandem with seasonal and weather-related factors.

The introduction of ads provided an additional layer of financial stability and complemented the existing revenue streams. While the income generated from ad placements may vary throughout the year, it has nonetheless proven to be a valuable and flexible income source for our client. As part of our ongoing SEO strategy, we continuously optimize ad placements to maximize revenue potential, adapting to the changing landscape and ensuring a balanced revenue portfolio for our client.

Analysing the Results

Search console performance for Knotweed Removal by Want SEO

Having created over 100 Google Business Profile landing pages which saw a large upswing, these led to hundreds of leads coming in over a season to justify the expenditure and provide the most lucrative income for the website.

In Conclusion

With the successful implementation of the aforementioned strategies, the website has made significant strides, although it still stands in its early stages in terms of the extensive content needed to establish itself as an authority site. Despite being a few years old, it has managed to secure commendable rankings in comparison to long-standing competitors who have historically dominated this niche.

One particularly encouraging aspect of the site’s growth has been the increasing number of invitations to events and live testing activities conducted in the UK. These opportunities have been presented in collaboration with the Property Care Association (PCA), which serves as the regulatory body within this specific niche. Such partnerships and engagements not only validate the website’s credibility but also provide valuable networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, further strengthening its position in the industry.

As we continue to expand the site’s content and refine our SEO strategies, we anticipate even more significant growth and authority-building within this competitive landscape.