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FCI is one of London’s largest interiors & modern furniture showrooms. Our award-winning team has been designing and selling contemporary furniture in London for over 30 years and we absolutely love what we do.

Voted the best modern furniture showroom in London on Trustpilot, our beautiful 30,000-square-foot space showcases pieces from over 700 of the world’s most exciting designers and brands, all under one roof.

Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining, seating, interior design, 3D visualisation and complete project management. 

Ecommerce Lead Generation Case Study

Campaign Challenges:

  • Grow organic traffic to acquire more leads for the online sales team
  • Fix on-page indexation issues to improve discoverability online
  • Build out topical authority with credible backlinks
  • Provide ongoing strategy and direction for on-page and off-page activities

Campaign Results:


Organic Traffic


CTR Engagement

A Closer Look At The Case Study Site

Period undertaken: July 2022 to Sept 2023

  • Research and Strategy Planning
  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • UX and UI implementation
  • Citation and Local SEO
  • Content Management
  • Strategy and planning online activities

The Biggest Challenges We Had to Overcome

Building on the existing SEO work carried out by a previous agency, it quickly became evident that there was a significant scope for improvement.

Our primary objectives were to solidify our presence for existing keywords and expand across various content silos to establish topical authority. This approach aimed to achieve several key goals.

  • Grow organic traffic to increase showroom leads with the online sales team
  • Fix on-page indexation issues to improve discoverability online
  • Build out topical authority with credible backlinks
  • Provide ongoing strategy and direction for on=page and off=page activities

Our Plan of Attack

Taking the initial research from the previous SEO agency and implementing an ongoing plan to maintain existing traffic whilst increasing each topical authority.

Step One - Initial Research

Drawing on the data obtained from the previous SEO agency, our team embarked on a thorough research endeavour to validate and supplement the existing insights. This comprehensive approach involved a meticulous assessment of the data’s credibility, combined with our own exhaustive keyword research.

To ensure a holistic coverage of the niche, we conducted in-depth competitor and market analyses, scrutinizing various well-established competitors in the field. This diligent process allowed us to ascertain that the chosen keywords and topics were not only relevant but also fully comprehensive, ensuring that our SEO strategy was strategically aligned with the demands of the market and the competitive landscape.

structure of FCI site

Step Two - Content Creation

Utilizing our extensive, collaboratively maintained Google Sheets, which were seamlessly shared with our team of nine content writers, we initiated a strategic content enhancement campaign. Our aim was to bridge the content gap on the website and cultivate the essential topical authority required for each top-level landing page.

This collaborative effort resulted in the creation of a staggering 1000+ blogs and pieces of content. These resources were strategically designed to target long-tail keywords within highly competitive topics.

As our content strategy began to bear fruit, achieving page one rankings for numerous new search terms, it became notably more straightforward to secure the seed keywords. Our success in earning search engine favour paved the way for improved visibility and higher search engine rankings, ultimately enhancing our client’s online presence and driving organic traffic to their website.

Acquired keywords regarding wardrobes for FCI byb Want SEO

After six months, all keywords identified with the original competitor [Chaplins] were acquired and matched admirably with lots of traffic acquired. More keyword research continued with goals reset to larger competitors such as Ikea and Hammonds.

KPIs recorded for FCI London by Want SEO

Reporting was simplified with a monthly KPI analysis of the number of new users to the site and their engagement with each silo. Steady increase across the main terms from the inception of Want SEO services, and most had a steady increase per month as long as we concentrated on continuous and specific content creation.

Step Three - Traffic Growth and Engagement

Within our scope of work, one of our primary objectives was to elevate both the existing and new content’s engagement levels. We implemented a strategic approach to foster increased user interaction and interest in the content. This encompassed optimizing content for readability, relevance, and user experience, which led to improved engagement metrics, such as longer dwell times and lower bounce rates.

Simultaneously, we established a robust monitoring and recording system to meticulously track and document the entire process. This system was designed to empower the internal team with the ability to continue and refine the engagement-boosting efforts with minimal supervision. By providing detailed insights and clear performance indicators, we ensured that the client’s team could maintain and further enhance the content engagement strategy, fostering sustainable long-term results.

12 months of seo work by Want SEO for FCI London
One year on and traffic has quadrupled along with an increased CTR
Organic keyword growth for FCI London

Our meticulous approach to SEO yielded significant results as we successfully garnered substantial portions of organic traffic by targeting previously untapped keywords within each content silo. This accomplishment served as a testament to the effectiveness of our initial groundwork, which included in-depth keyword research. We left no stone unturned in identifying the most promising keywords for our client’s niche.

Moreover, our strategy was fortified by a thorough analysis of competitors operating within our marketplace. This analysis provided valuable insights into the competitive landscape, enabling us to identify gaps and opportunities that were ripe for exploration. By strategically capitalizing on these insights, we were able to secure a strong foothold in the search results and capture valuable organic traffic, ultimately contributing to our client’s online success.

Organic growth overtime for FCI London
Exceptional organic growth from a well-targeted SEO campaign

Step Four - Backlink Building

Our proactive approach to building authoritative backlinks involved the initiation of a HARO (Help a Reporter Out) program, strategically connecting us with journalists across various topics. Over the course of six months, this concerted effort bore fruit as we solidified our presence in reputable online publications.

Throughout this period, we fostered three enduring relationships with dedicated journalists. Regular liaisons with these professionals allowed us to consistently contribute guest posts and collaborate on content that added value to their publications. As a result, our client’s website received high-level trust signals from these authoritative sources, bolstering our online credibility and augmenting our SEO strategy.

This approach not only enhanced our backlink profile but also significantly bolstered our client’s reputation in their niche, ultimately contributing to improved search engine rankings and organic traffic growth.

Backlinks build with Want SEO for FCI London

483% increase in backlinks over 16 months.

Step Five - Ongoing Strategy

As our SEO efforts continued to yield positive results, we recognized the need to expand our reach and engage with a broader audience. To achieve this, we took the strategic step of introducing new touchpoints at the top of the sales funnel. This involved creating a dynamic presence on social media platforms through a combination of engaging posts and informative videos. These videos were designed to elucidate the range of products and delve deeper into their unique characteristics.

In response to this initiative, we also developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to streamline and guide the internal team’s efforts. These SOPs ensured consistency and efficiency in our content creation and distribution process.

To further enhance our video content strategy, we conducted extensive research to identify compelling titles suitable for platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This research culminated in the creation of a comprehensive list of titles that resonated with our target audience. This list was then shared with the internal team, empowering them to produce engaging content that aligned seamlessly with our SEO and marketing objectives.

Analysing the Results

Within a 12-month period, our SEO strategies delivered remarkable results. Organic traffic experienced an astounding surge, skyrocketing by an impressive 1913%. Simultaneously, user engagement witnessed a substantial boost, marking an impressive 150% increase.

These remarkable gains reflect the success of our multifaceted approach, showcasing our ability to significantly enhance our client’s online presence, drive traffic, and foster deeper user engagement, ultimately achieving outstanding results in a short span of time.

Growth report for FCI London
16 months activity for FCI London organic growth

User interaction over the last 16 months shows a steady increase in organic traffic.

12 months activity for FCI London organic growth

User interaction over the last 12 months shows a steady increase in organic traffic.

3 months activity for FCI London organic growth

User interaction over the last 3 months shows a steady increase in organic traffic.

Steady increase in keywords and organic traffic across the whole site.

All time high of traffic for FCI London

Steady increase in keywords and organic traffic across the whole site. All-time high of several combined elements:

  • Organic keywords rose from 738 to 18K
  • Organic traffic rose from 4K to 18K per month
  • Organic traffic cost rose from £9K to £20K for high-value keyword terms

In Conclusion

In our pursuit of elevating lead generation through organic traffic, our efforts exceeded expectations. Initially, we set the ambitious goal of surpassing 1000 daily visitors to the client’s website, and not only did we achieve this benchmark, but we also far exceeded it. By the end of our contract period, our strategies had propelled the website to a remarkable milestone, with over 1700 daily visitors.

This achievement underscores the potency of our SEO initiatives and the tangible impact they had on our client’s online presence. By strategically optimizing their website, content, and outreach efforts, we not only attracted a substantial volume of organic traffic but also nurtured a thriving online community around their brand. These results not only validated our approach but also demonstrated the substantial growth potential that can be harnessed through effective SEO strategies and diligent execution.