Abacus Marketing

Abacus Marketing project with Want SEO

Abacus Marketing is an independent London marketing agency that works with funded start-ups, ambitious SMEs and corporate blue-chip clients operating in the UK and EMEA.

We deliver marketing consultancy (market research, strategic planning and customer insight), corporate branding, website design, marketing communications, digital marketing (SEO, social media, digital advertising, content marketing, email marketing and marketing automation), event marketing, advertising and direct marketing.

Local and Regional Visibility Case Study

Campaign Challenges:

  • Speed up the website from poor structure and coding
  • Rework all existing content on site from blogs to landing pages
  • Update correctly all Google assets such as Analytics, Search Console and Google Business Profile
  • Improve visibility of the site both locally and regionally to out-rank existing competitors and win favourable work

Campaign Results:


Organic Traffic


Backlinks Acquired

A Closer Look At The Case Study Site

Period undertaken: December 2017 to January 2019

  • Research and Strategy Planning
  • Technical SEO and Speed Issues
  • Optimising Existing Content
  • Local Search Discoverability
  • Backlinks and Citations Program

The Biggest Challenges We Had to Overcome

Abacus marketing had been operating for several years when Stephen approached Want SEO to undertake an extensive site audit.

The number one goal was to improve existing content and ensure the website ranked alongside much more prominent and heavily resourced marketing agencies within London.

With the realisation that Abacus Marketing was a smaller agency than most within London meant that we needed to be prudent with our approach to keyword selection and content creation. Before we could start any of this, it was necessary to speed up the website as it was not optimised for desktop or mobile.

From this foundation, we itemised the following elements that needed to be resolved to stand a chance of outranking its competitors:

  • Technical issues on-site from errors such as redirects and 404 pages
  • Legacy issues of redundant code that slowed the website down
  • Improve existing content with better user experience elements and keyword optimisation
  • Revisit existing Google assets and populate these correctly
  • Extensive work on improving local and regional SEO

Our Plan of Attack

Starting with an initial audit of the site it was clear that many of the desired terms were missing from key pages and no topical authority was being implemented across supporting pages.

Before any of this work could be implemented it was necessary to clean the site up and make it more responsive across multiple platforms and for user interaction.`

Step One - Auditing of the Site

In our SEO case study for our client, Abacus Marketing, we initiated a comprehensive website audit to identify and rectify critical errors that were hindering their online visibility and performance.

The audit encompassed a meticulous examination of the website’s technical infrastructure, content quality, and backlink profile. Through this thorough analysis, we uncovered various issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and suboptimal meta tags.

Additionally, we detected discrepancies in their site’s XML sitemap, duplicate content, missing metadata, low text to HTML ratio and identified issues with page load speed. To address these concerns, we formulated a comprehensive strategy that included implementing 301 redirects, optimizing on-page content, and enhancing server performance.

Our aim was to ensure that Abacus Marketing’s website not only met industry standards but also exceeded them, leading to improved organic search rankings and a stronger online presence for our valued client.

Best audit results for Abacus Marketing by Want SEO

Step Two - Fix Technical issues

One of the primary challenges was the poor CSS structuring, which hindered the site’s loading speed and overall user experience. Additionally, we identified a critical problem where JavaScript was not being parsed effectively, causing functionality glitches and hampering search engine crawlability. Moreover, our audit revealed that images were not scaled and optimized correctly, leading to slower load times and a subpar mobile experience.

To address these issues, our team executed a series of technical fixes. We restructured the CSS code for improved efficiency and faster rendering, ensuring a more streamlined user journey. JavaScript parsing was optimized, ensuring proper execution and eliminating any impediments to search engine bots.

We also resized and optimized images, reducing page load times and enhancing mobile responsiveness. These technical enhancements played a pivotal role in improving the website’s performance, ultimately resulting in higher search engine rankings and a more satisfying user experience for our client’s audience.

Abacus marketing poor website speed before fixing by Want SEO

Before technical issues were fixed, there was too much front-loading of code and too many assets being requested from third-party assets.

Abacus marketing website speed improvements by Want SEO

Step Three - Optimise Existing Content

In the early part of the year, we undertook the task of optimizing their existing content to boost user engagement and increase time spent on their site. We conducted a thorough content audit, identifying pages with high potential but underperforming engagement metrics.

By refining and expanding upon these pages with fresh, relevant information, improved formatting, and compelling calls to action, we succeeded in captivating the audience’s attention. Our efforts led to a significant increase in user dwell time, bolstering the site’s overall performance and reinforcing its position in search engine rankings.

Improved engagement from optimised content for Abacus marketing carried out by Want SEO

Step Four - Indexation and Search Engines

Part of the technical aspects required sitemaps to be available to search engines and indexing the correct URLs. This was done across several large search engines to extend reach and increase discoverability.

Part of this process was to ensure that all Google assets, such as Analytics, Search Console and Google Business Profile, were populated correctly from an approved plan with the client.

Social profiles were also populated in full to ensure a consistent marketing message.

This was monitored daily to ensure multiple URLs could be crawled and indexed by search engines. After all, no point in creating content if the main gatekeeper being the search engines does not show your content online to be found by the end-user.

Step Five - Position Tracking

After several meetings with the client, a bank of top-level keywords was selected to describe the agency’s offering, and these were strategically sprinkled throughout the site to first, the top-level pages and, secondly, to the supporting pages, with anchor text and navigation being the chosen operators.

Next, we implemented a similar approach to all social profiles and citation listings.

Position tracking for Abacus marketing provided by Want SEO

Acquiring higher positioning on page one and specifically within the map pack allowed Abacus marketing to cement its reputation amongst the highly-competitive niche of marketing companies within London. Ultimately, several main keyword terms were achieved and documented to share with the client.

Capitalising on new terms provided by Want SEO for Abacus Marketing

Step One - Discoverability

With the site now ranking for both existing content and new content each month, we began adding backlinks across the site to improve visibility and credibility.

Likewise, an extensive citation program began with hundreds of platforms updated from one central approved document to bring about consistency in telling the brand story.

Visibility tracking was now added to the ongoing monthly work to monitor improvements and changes from this work.

Backlink profile for Abacus Marketing undertaken by Want SEO

To gain the necessary kudos required to compete against the large agencies in London we knew we need to substantially increase the discoverability of the brand. An additional budget was agreed with the client to purchase alongside the earned backlinks and a program began in earnest for over six months. 

Uplift in backlinks by Want SEO for Abacus Marketing

Acquiring credible links from reputable sources paid dividends within weeks as the upward tractor of growth with new visitors to the site engaging and interacting on-site soon moved us from regional positioning to local positioning on page one for several key terms.

Abacus marketing agencies kensington local seo by Want SEO
Marketing Agency paddington positioning by Want SEO

Analysing the Results

Each month a carefully crafted report was compiled with the assistance of Stephen to cut down on unnecessary data and just to analyse the big shifts from the top of the sales funnel and interaction/conversion at the bottom of the funnel. This approach proved much easier for monthly reporting and ensured we had a clear line of communication between both parties.

Organic traffic growth for Abacus Marketing by Want SEO
Growth report for Abacus Marketing

Acquired prestigious positioning for main terms, which took a year to acquire – “Marketing Agency London”. Both in the organic listing and top of the map pack.

Marketing agency London positioning acquired for Abacus marketing by Want SEO

In Conclusion

After a year of working together to fix legacy issues and provide a strategic plan going forward, the client wished to manage the affairs in-house alongside the setup that we had provided. This exit strategy was mutually agreed and was pleasing to see the site acquire even more visibility with the search engines over the following year.

Ultimately, having an authentic and credible website with valuable content and a genuine goal to serve its clients shone through, and credit goes to Stephen for his tenacity in collaborating with us to achieve admirable results.