Bionema project with Want SEO

Bionema is the leading UK biopesticides technology developer, specialising in organic chemical-free, biological crop protection for safe and sustainable agriculture.

Our research is focused on the development and commercialisation of naturally occurring microorganisms to protect crops from pests and diseases while reducing the use of synthetic pesticides – minimising the environmental impact and increasing crop yields.

The company develops and commercialises biocontrol products for the horticulture, turf amenity and forestry sectors, and provides training aimed at increasing product efficacy.

Informational Site Case Study

Campaign Challenges:

  • Fix site speed and technical issues
  • Redesigning the website for better UX/UI
  • Addition of optimised content to increase user engagement

Campaign Results:


Organic Traffic


Page One Terms

A Closer Look At The Case Study Site

Period undertaken: July 2020 to Sept 2022

  • Research and Strategy Planning
  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO fixes and speed improvements
  • Content Optimisation and additions

The Biggest Challenges We Had to Overcome

In the realm of SEO, our client faced a daunting challenge: revitalizing a stagnant website that had virtually zero traffic and a message lost in the digital wilderness. Our strategy involved not only reinvigorating the site’s content but also aligning it with evolving online trends, particularly the shifting perspectives on environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility.

By crafting compelling content that highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to ethical business practices, we aimed to communicate the website’s newfound relevance to both existing and potential audiences.

Through meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, and strategic link-building efforts, we gradually propelled this once-forgotten platform into the spotlight, attracting more visitors and enhancing its position in search engine rankings.

This transformation showcased the website’s capacity to adapt and connect with contemporary concerns, ultimately driving increased traffic and engagement.

Our Plan of Attack

Step One - Technical Fixes

One crucial aspect we addressed was the optimization of their sluggish website. We recognized that improving site speed was paramount to enhancing user experience (UX).

We focused on deferring unnecessary JavaScript to achieve this, which significantly expedited the site’s loading times.

Furthermore, we meticulously optimized all images, drastically reducing their size and loading time, previously a major bottleneck. These strategic adjustments improved site speed and contributed to an overall better user experience, resulting in higher user engagement and improved SEO performance.

Technical fixes before Want SEO improved the technical SEO for Bionema

After multiple technical SEO fixes it is clear to see the difference when loading the site and its content. Still more work to do but already a noticeable difference for users of the site and better optimised for search engines to crawl and index.

Technical SEO fixed for Bionema by Want SEO

Next, we diligently addressed on-page errors and warnings, striving to minimize them to the greatest extent possible. As illustrated in the visual representation below, our efforts were comprehensive: we successfully resolved all aged 404 errors, implemented effective redirects, and rectified any lingering URL issues.

By eliminating these hindrances, we not only bolstered the website’s overall performance but also enhanced its search engine visibility and user-friendliness, ultimately contributing to a more robust SEO strategy.

Site Audit improvements for Bionema by Want SEO

Step Two - Redesigning the Website

Using optimised video and images we provided both relevancy and story-telling to demonstrate to the intended audience the benefits of science known and unknown.

Rebranding took place throughout the site to ensure it was on point and became consistent with neglected social profiles too.

Working through the on-page content to ensure all meta data is accurate with embedded keywords to build out topical authority within each silo. All this was carried out in tandem with the initial audit and keyword research which was started at the beginning of the project to ensure we met the goals and exceeded where possible.

This process involved using Screaming Frog to perform a deep crawl and ascertain what was broken and needed fixing. Alongside the structure of the website, we could quickly ascertain the best way to restructure the site and provide the necessary internal-lining structure.

Content optimisation for Bionema by Want SEO

Step Three - Addition of Content

Implementation of new content to stimulate an old and tired website which still offered a valuable solution, but looked and felt dated. Key to this was redesigning the home page to be both mobile-friendly and responsive in order to capture the audience’s attention once an online campaign was undertaken.

Surprisingly the website lacked any sitemaps and Google assets such as Google Analytics and Search Console. These were set up and verified for the client as well as creating an effective indexation program.

After sitemaps created for bionema by Want SEO

Analysing the Results

Organic growth with Bionema project with Want SEO

We gained remarkable results as a result of our strategic interventions. Through meticulous reworking and optimization of existing content, we achieved a staggering 575% increase in organic growth.

This accomplishment was primarily driven by our emphasis on embedding high-impact keywords strategically within the content, thereby maximizing their search engine visibility.

Furthermore, we identified and promptly removed underperforming content pieces that were adversely affecting overall website performance.

Simultaneously, we introduced new, highly relevant content pieces to the website. These additions not only filled gaps in the content strategy but also enriched the user experience and contributed to the significant surge in organic traffic. This comprehensive approach to content management and optimization yielded outstanding results, firmly establishing our client as a dominant presence in their niche.

Ranking for biopesticides on page one

Part of our process is to ascertain what the client wishes to be known for and select a handful of high-volume monthly search terms which can be seen ranking here on page one of the SERPs.

Sizeable increase in keyword visibility across the website with many desirable keywords rising steadily over the first few months of work being carried out on the site.

Increase page visibility towards the end of November 2020 for Bionema by Want SEO

In Conclusion

Our team effectively elevated the website to meet the required standards for handover to the client’s SEO agency. Through our comprehensive efforts, we ensured that the site was in prime condition to pursue further optimization. We established a regular schedule of ad hoc reviews conducted every few months to guarantee the continued maintenance of our initial improvements.

This proactive approach allowed us to identify opportunities for ongoing enhancements, ensuring that the website’s performance continued to meet and exceed expectations.